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An introverted shut in with a love for food, technology and cats.

I used to be a chef. I've worked in kitchens since I was very young and went to culinary school after high school. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy and eventually was forced to resign from cooking professionally. Now I work at a market selling imported cheese and wine/beer/liquors. I'm very grateful that I still get to work with food in a much less stressful environment.
I started teaching myself web development in early 2022, i've always enjoyed learning about technology. At first I was looking at it as a new career path but as I progressed I found that by looking at it as just a hobby has improved my learning. I love working on websites and projects. It's a good challenge that keeps me busy.

I am a huge supporter of decentralizing the web. I’ve never liked how 80% of the web is made up of content made by a handful of tech companies. I think it’s no real surprise why de-platforming and censorship are an issue in today’s web. I long for the day’s when there were more personalized websites made by users. Even with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS you could build a website to talk about anything you were interested in. It didn’t have to be perfect, but those websites had more ‘soul’ then anything that comes out of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple owned companies whose biggest concerns are how much data can they squeeze out of a user or how many adds can they fit on a single page. Today most people have a Facebook or YouTube account to talk about what interests them, but it lacks a certain personality to it. Also they have to constantly worry about getting banned, getting strikes against their account if they say something that a certain group doesn’t agree with, or having their personal data sold off to other entities.

Keep in mind though, I am not advocating for Web3. I think crypto-currency and NFTs are largely a scam. There are always exceptions to the rule however. My solution involves a big movement of web users who finally say ‘NO!’ to big tech companies whoring out their data and being the gatekeepers of ideas and opinions. Will that happen anytime soon? Probably not, sadly… I remain hopeful though. I think open source is a big step in the right direction. That’s why all projects I post on this website will have the github links. I want people to be able to take my work and clone it and make it better or even just different. It makes me happy that people get some enjoyment out of the things I build or learn something from them. That’s how I see progress at it’s best.