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Prepare for more cosmetic changes and perhaps a few new recipes! Hope you like the layout changes!

Welcome to Zeb Dev's cozy homepage! This page is best viewed on desktop. If you are on mobile I suggest you turn on 'desktop mode'. I apologize for any inconvenience!

I have always been fascinated with the internet and started teaching myself web development in early 2022. I created this page to post about my hobbies and also showcase the different projects I have worked on. This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Hopefully it won't be for too long. You can contact me by email at jholson.webdev@gmail.com and thanks for stopping by!!

A cute cat in a chair

This is the website's mascot/sysop, Cricket.

Site/Life Updates

Enacted all changes across the site. Over the next few days I plan on tweaking the layout more, just minor cosmetic changes. Hopefully I can get it done quickly so I can start work on my newest project. That's all for now, happy holidays, everyone!

Hope you all had a great holiday! I decided to add a new recipe and did some work on the homepage. As of now those changes leave most of the other pages looking 'wonky' but I plan to fix that this week.I have to say, I like the idea of having a background image with the opacity over the green tile, instead of just black space. It may change to a different image later on but we'll see. Unless you wern't here during last Thursday or Friday, I had a link up for the MST3K telethon. Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. I snagged a sticker and t-shirt from the website and donated to a good cause. They unfortunately didn't hit their goal of $4 mil... I hope they will still make a few more episodes.
Anyway, that's all for now. Have a good rest of the month and I hope to see you back here for all of the upcomming changes!

I finished and posted my calculator project tonight. Nothing too special. I really disliked that project so I didn't spend a whole lot of time on styling. Good news is that this leaves me with more time for refactoring the website! Right now I'm looking into either cobbling together a website banner or commissioning one. If you're interested in the job you can email me at jholson.webdev@gmail.com . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

2.0 still in planning phase. The last week was spent getting my Javascript calculator working. Now I just need to style it and that'll be another for the projects page! I'm still thinking of design ideas for the website. Thank you for visiting :)

If you caught the text crawl at the top of the page, I will be completely updating and refactoring the website over the coming weeks. Right now it's in planning. I'm not exactly married to the layout I have now, want to fix my spaghetti code, and perhaps add a few new things like a proper blog and completely re-do the recipe sub-pages. Thank you all so much for visiting. I started this site 40 days ago and have loved every minute of it. Enjoy the holidays everyone!!

Haven't really updated the site in the last few days. I got the Anbernic Win600 in the mail the other day so i've been setting that up and tinkering with it. I've also been reading up on responsive web development, like how to get websites to scale for phones and tablets. I realized that the way i've shot myself in the foot with the way I have been coding the website up until now.. There is a great possibility I will have to start from scratch... But that's okay, it will be easier the second time around because I have all the content to just cut and paste. I will definitely be changing the layout and color scheme for the recipes page. I hate the way it looks right now.
One more thing... Today, one month ago I started this website not expecting that anyone would care. So far i've gotten 1,700 views which I think is pretty rad. Thank you all for finding something to enjoy here! If there is something else you would like to see more/less of then please, reach out to me at jholson.webdev@gmail.com I would love to hear from you!!

Short update today. Added page two to the gallery. I was concerned with loading times and the images appearing broken. I did, however, add more pictures! Enjoy them!! Also most of my time for the forseeable future will be working on my 3rd Javascript project, the calculator... This one is going to be tough but i'll try to keep updating the site and adding new content.

I decided to start work on a designated links page. I have so many awesome links to websites I want to share and it would help with de-cluttering the home page a bit. I applied to a few web-rings to help promote the site a bit and it'll also give my users access to so many more websites to check out. After thats done i'll start my research into how to make my site viewable on mobile devices. Right now if you bring up the site on a Samsung or iPhone it looks like a jumbled mess. Like it or not a large number of internet users are on phones/tablets. I feel like Cricket deserves the extra audience.
Speaking of Cricket, I saw a HUGE jump in page views after I added my gallery page, and since almost half of those pics were of my cat I can conclude that you all would probably like to see more of her. I'll make it happen!

Decided to implement a new side bar navigation for the main site. It makes the page look a lot more clean I think. My next big update over the next few weeks will include additions to the pixel-art sketchpad. I would like to add a layering function to it. Before I do that I need to add the ability to save sketches to a .jpg file. I don't know what it is about that project.. I should be long done with it but something keeps drawing me back to it (pun intended). It will be interesting to see how far I wll take it, and how far off I will push off the calculator project.. I started Baldurs Gate 3 last night. Before I knew it I spent 5 hours on it and barely got through the prologue. I'm using a half-drow sorcerer build. I've always used sorcerers and monks for these types of games. I like it a lot, it reminds me a lot of Neverwinter Nights 2 which was the last Wizards of the Coast PC game I played. I can easily see myself sinking tons of time into this game if I'm not careful.. Oh well :) more to come soon!

It's been a little while since i've updated the site! I spent all of last week drilling myself on Javascript array methods and I succeeded on turning my brain to mush. Although it might help me a little bit down the line. Since I'm a masochist for this sort of thing i'll continue to try to up my Javascript game. Anyway, I finished the photo gallery. Right now it's just pictures of my cat and some food i've cooked. I'll keep adding more to it though! Also, as the site is growing and the number of links increases I need to rework the site navigation and the header is not a good place for them. I'll think of ideas on how I want to do it.

I updated the to-do app and added a edit button and fixed the positioning. Didn't do too much today. I had a seizure this morning. It was my first one in almost 7 months.. I'll probably take tomorrow off from updating the site. Next week i'll finish up the to-do app then start on my next project, a Javascript calculator. I've been dreading this project for some time now, but I need to just make myself start on it... Also my mom got a new kitten today and named it Buttons. I'll put pics on the photo gallery once I build it. That's all for tonight!

10/4/23 (part 2):
As you can see I started fucking around with sprite sheets and getting them to animate with CSS. I know they look bad now, but rest assured... they will maybe get better? Who knows. Shit's gonna get goofy around here though, thats for sure!

I removed the copyright bullshit on the footers. I realize that it was stupid to have that and then also say that the code is free to use. u.u S0RrY!

I finished the bulk of my latest project tonight. It's a Javascript to-do app. Super simple stuff. I linked it to my projects page. Everything is saved to local storage so your tasks will be saved to the browser. Will also add a partyTime button that will display cat memes. Because that's super important must have 10,000% and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!

Added a few new recipes to the recipe page. I took a break the last few days. I've been working on coding projects for the last 8 days in a row. Decided to finish my current play-through of Cyberpunk 2077. Going to get Phantom Liberty this week and check that out. I'm also planning on adding a responsive photo gallery sometime this week as well. Also I may move these updates to their own page. We'll see...

Linked the recipe main page. It's just a stub for now. I'm working on the first recipe, Baked Cavatelli, because I just had that for dinner the other night. Also, I'm going to do something about all this 'blank-space' in the homepage. Probably just fill it with cat memes. I'm still going to completely revamp the layout. I'm working on getting more proficient in CSS Grid to accomplish that. Until now i've just been using Flexbox but i've always wanted to learn Grid so here we go!

Changed the color scheme to a black and green/amber color you would see on an old computer terminal. Paired that with a brand new font that had the old school computer feel to it. Also added a digital clock to the header. Next I was thinking since I have the 'food' tag on this page I will be adding a recipe page of some of my favorite stuff to make! Stay tuned!

Added the About page and wrote some rambling shit about life and my dislike of modern big tech companies. Also added the main project's page. After that it won't take very long to upload the stuff I already have done. Plus I'm getting a new font for the website. The one I had looked like poo. Next I will get a better color scheme for the site.

Published website and create very basic layout. Will probably revamp in the future. This is my last day off from a 6 day vacation. I was meaning to create this page much earlier but I got distracted by the new v2.0 Cyberpunk 2077 update. I'll try to hold off from getting Phantom Liberty for a few months. In addition to working on this site I am starting my next Javascript project, plus working my day job..